Volans Reposado

Type: Tequila
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Production Details
NOM : 1579 ,
Agave Type : Tequilana Weber ,
Agave Region : Jalisco (Los Altos) ,
Region : Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) ,
Cooking : Stone/Brick Ovens ,
Extraction : Tahona ,
Water Source : Deep well water, Natural spring water, Rain water ,
Fermentation : Stainless steel tanks, 100% agave, Open-air fermentation, Fermentation without fibers ,
Distillation : 2x distilled ,
Still : Copper Pot ,
Aging : Whisky barrels, Used barrels ,
ABV/Proof : 40% abv (80-proof)
Other : No additives


Personal Scores & Reviews From Our Community

Tequila Badass
449 ratings
  • 91 Rating

Nose of minerals, agave, olive and very light barrel notes with sweet, caramel taste that goes down very nicely. Different than their single barrel repo, which smells more of butterscotch with a mineral finish. Something for everyone between the 2 choices!

Tequila Ninja
139 ratings
  • 81 Rating

The blanco is really smooth and has amazing flavor but the repo doesn't live up to the same level. I find the finish harsh and astringent.