El Luchador

Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)
Nom 1517
Additional Distilleries: 1480

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Frankie Medina
Tequila Savant
206 ratings

Seattle Juan
Tequila Honey Badger
1218 ratings

Roast agave, citrus and some light vanilla are all evident in the aroma and flavor of this new Reposado. El Luchador’s evolution from just a single high proof Blanco and the separately named 1, 2, 3 brand is interesting as the EL brand now encompasses almost a full lineup. This gains complexity and some unique to tequila flavors from aging for four to six months in French white oak barrels that once held white wine of Puligny Montrachet. A page devoted to these French wines says: Puligny-Montrachet, along with Chassagne, is the most perfect expression of the Chardonnay grape. The appellation was created in 1937 on soils separated by only a few metres from the Grands Crus. David Ravandi has had some interesting if not evolutionary or revolutionary ideas in the past and this product extends that market reach of some small inovation adding a totally unique product. Not a cookie cutter product in the least. Reasonably priced too after resting in some likely expensive barrels.

Asaf Cohen
Tequila Ninja
112 ratings

Ryan August
Tequila Guru
98 ratings

On the nose, cooked agave but it’s…not dry but different than the usual sweetness I’m familiar with. Very creamy as it opens up. A touch of grape, and a little bit of vanilla. Then a little bit of butter, and something like yellow apples. On the palate, cooked agave is there but there’s a roundness, and an oily dryness that i am absolutely in love with. The vanilla is there, a little bit of caramel. It’s an agave forward reposado but there’s alot going on here. I will have to revisit this a few more times, I may end up ending this bottle sooner than I expected! Overall, very good. I paid under $50 and I’d do it again and again. Very interesting, I love it.

Andrew Davis
Tequila Ninja
186 ratings

Asaf Cohen
Tequila Ninja
112 ratings

Marissa P (@tequilaencyclopedia
Tequila Savant
240 ratings

Rodrigo Sanchez
Tequila Phenom
381 ratings

Dom Diaz
Tequila Savant
236 ratings

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