Bottle of Kah Reposado

Kah Reposado

Type: Tequila
Brand: Kah
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Production Details
NOM : 1472 ,
Agave Type : Tequilana Weber ,
Agave Region : - ,
Region : Jalisco (Los Valles) ,
Cooking : Autoclave (high pressure) ,
Extraction : Roller Mill ,
Water Source : - ,
Fermentation : 100% agave, Stainless steel tanks ,
Distillation : 2x distilled ,
Still : Stainless Steel Pot ,
Aging : French Oak barrels ,
ABV/Proof : 55% abv (110-proof)
Other : -


Aromas & Flavors Detected By Our Community

Aromas Detected

Pepper (black)
Agave (cooked)

Flavors Detected

Pepper (black)
Agave (cooked)


Personal Scores & Reviews From Our Community

Tequila Badass
452 ratings
  • 63 Rating

This is moving in the wrong direction for me flavour wise, nice bottle though.

Tequila Ninja
131 ratings
  • 65 Rating

This is an interesting tequila. Good nose. Very nutty, almondy with some Carmel and white pepper. Flavor was better than I expected. Nutty and oaky. Lots of alcohol and burn on the back end. If not for the finish I’d rate this a fair amount higher. Way overpriced for the quality but a fun tequila to try. Unique flavor.

Tequila Badass
461 ratings
  • 62 Rating

Aroma; cooked agave, pepper, vanilla, earth, butterscotch, spearmint and strong alcohol content. Flavor/palate; agave, alcohol, vanilla, caramel, yeast, earth, flowers and citrus. Good tequila and maybe a sipper here and there, but not a favorite. Finish is short with strong alcohol content. You pay for the bottle design on the price.

Tequila Savant
284 ratings
  • 86 Rating

Cool bottle. This HP (110) reposado actually has a nice nose with hints of cooked agave, oak & caramel. The taste is full of vanilla and caramel. The finish is flavorful and long. Salud!

Tequila Savant
228 ratings
  • 49 Rating

Tasted blind. Aroma: an odd combination of grass, agave, and candy. Flavor; Hot cinnamon, pepper, alcohol, baked agave with a candy sweetness. Medium to thick body with a long aggressive finish. Flavors compete with each other with a rather unpleasant result.

Tequila Honey Badger
1254 ratings
  • 81 Rating

Revisited this as my palate has changed in the 4 years since posting. Still hot initially but it opens up as it sits for 10-15 minutes. Nose is less acrid in Romeo's jarrito for high proof than the Riedel O Stemless Spirit glass. Small sips are called for here. After a couple the mouth is better acclimated to the ethanol at 55%. Some barrel elements of oak and spice are there on entry as well as agave, the high proof takes over and quickly leads to a numbing finish that is quite long. Fading pepper and some slight oak as well as slight sweetness. The bottle is an original glass, hand painted skull from Elements Spirits 2009.

Tequila Savant
214 ratings
  • 90 Rating

In my opinion the 110 proof Repo is the only KAH to drink.

Tequila Ninja
196 ratings
  • 45 Rating

Harsh and spicy due to 55% alcohol!...Luckily, hints of vanilla, chocolate and caramel make it bearable. Kept the skull bottle for on top of my piano !

Tequila Badass
412 ratings
  • 70 Rating

Immediate sweet aroma that strikes me as pineapple (???). That single aroma overwhelms nearly everything else but after a few minutes there are slight hints of agave and more traditional barrel aromas. The higher proof is more pronounced/noticeable in the reposado than the Ultimos Dias a mouthful of fire at the start that settles into a pleasant but hot cinnamon/peppermint flavor. The finish is surprisingly short for such an big start. Fun but definitely not something you would sip for an evening or even for a few hours.

Tequila Savant
276 ratings
  • 81 Rating

Caramel, vanilla and alcohol nose. Nice viscous mouth feel with strong alcohol fumes. The spice/pepper/fire starts early and lasts long. Fun stuff if you're in the right mood.

Tequila Boss
510 ratings
  • 21 Rating

Sinus clearing acidity.

Tequila Badass
482 ratings
  • 25 Rating

Like drinking wasabi, but legibly.

Tequila Ninja
144 ratings
  • 66 Rating

Sampled this from a 50ml skull. Heavy alcohol on the smell and taste. Overly sweet with caramel and vanilla and a bit harsh.

Tequila Ninja
178 ratings
  • 50 Rating

Light caramel notes on the nose, but wood and bitterness on the palate, light mouthfeel but overall a very poor

Tequila Ninja
122 ratings
  • 67 Rating

Notes of grass and cinnamon. Harsh finish

Tequila Fanatic
17 ratings
  • 75 Rating

Cinnamon, grass, strong finish

Tequila Maniac
34 ratings
  • 67 Rating

packaging sells on this . found it lacking in depth, almost medicinal. not alot of anything

Tequila Maniac
32 ratings
  • 82 Rating

taste like a peppery bourbon whiskey. strong notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak barrels.

Tequila Maniac
36 ratings
  • 80 Rating

Smells a bit of alcohol but slightly sweet. Tastes strong of alcohol but has a nice sweet finish. Not bad for 110 proof. Pretty smooth.

Tequila Enthusiast
9 ratings
  • 78 Rating

Aromas of alcohol, pepper, cooked agave, slight tail runnings funk, slight vanilla sweetness. Slight buttery slickness on tongue. pepper heavy flavor mid mouth. Slight alcohol bite and warmth in chest. peppery but appropriate finish.

Tequila Connoisseur
63 ratings
  • 74 Rating

normal. the taste is not as unique as the bottle design.

Tequila Enthusiast
5 ratings
  • 98 Rating

Can't find it anymore. I hear rumors that they've been shut down. Normally a Anejo/extra Anejo drinker, but thoroughly enjoyed this reposado

Tequila Warrior
41 ratings
  • 87 Rating

Pleasant nose, hints of cinnamon and caramel. At 110%, this certainly packs a punch! Fiery flavor with remnants of the cinnamon and caramel, this is a unique item to keep in stock - Love it.

Tequila Enthusiast
6 ratings
  • 69 Rating

I found 2 of the original hand painted KAH ceramic reposados. These are pretty rare these days, the more common is a glass version with a wrap on it. These hand painted ceramics are really a work of art and a definite if you collect. This rep comes in hot at 55ABV, 100% so be prepared before go into it. On the nose is pepper, caramel, and cooked agave. The 110% alcohol hits fast and hard so let it sit for a moment on the tongue. Wait for the second sip for the flavor to come out . the body is full of pepper, caramel, agave, vanilla, oak and I get a little butterscotch and anise as well. It has a long and flavor-able finish. It’s a Hard hitting, high-proof tequila that I enjoyed probably more than most. It’s not Tapatio 110, but the bottle is cool, the juice is impactful, so worth the buy.

Tequila Enthusiast
9 ratings
  • 81 Rating

solid repasado, higher proof and has a bite to prove a good way though

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