Los Abuelos Reposado (Lote 114-R) Amor Y Perros

Tipo: Tequila
Brand: Los Abuelos
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Detalles de Producción
NOM : 1493 ,
Tipo de agave : Tequilana Weber ,
Región de agave : Jalisco (Tequila Valley) ,
Región : Jalisco (Los Valles) ,
Cocinando : Stone/Brick Ovens ,
Extracción : Tahona ,
Fuente de agua : Deep well water ,
Fermentación : Wood fermentation tanks, 100% agave, Open-air fermentation, Fermentation without fibers ,
Destilación : 2x distilled ,
Estilo de destilación : Copper Pot ,
Maduración : American White Oak barrels, Used barrels, Sherry casks, Bourbon barrels ,
ABV : 41.6% abv (83-proof)
Otra : Rested in stainless steel, No additives, Blended batches


Calificaciones y reseñas de nuestra comunidad

Tequila Wizard
940 calificaciones
  • 87 Calificación

Nose: The nosing took me by surprise. For whatever reason, my preconceived impression conjured up a vision of stodgy old men in silk smoking jackets, stiffly sipping sherry, with Chamber Music droning in the background… What I got was a playful, bouncy, lively aromas. You can dance to this tune. Fruity and spicy. Dense ripe fruit, dried fruit. Vanilla, nutmeg, oranges. Teases of flinty minerals and white peppercorns. Flavor: Salty. Thick. Ripe peach flesh. Poblano heat. Almond/vanilla creaminess. There is weight to the style without being heavy. Some oak and barrel spice evident on exhalation as it blooms on the finish. Dangerously easy to sip.

Tequila Wizard
818 calificaciones
  • 86 Calificación

I enjoy a good Sherry, so I really enjoyed this tequila. This has that Fortaleza profile and some dried fruit and nutty flavors coming from the sherry cask. There is some nice agave sweetness and some heat. This would sip nice with Crepe Suzette or an cinnamon orange Panna Cotta

Tequila Honey Badger
1357 calificaciones
  • 87 Calificación

Tasted during Additive Free Week

Tequila Badass
415 calificaciones
  • 87 Calificación

Tasted in Mexico during Additive Free Week. What a treat! I knocked some points for price and that on the flavor my personal preference isn’t for sherry cask, but this one is done well. Nice and complex with that sherry poking through even though it doesn’t totally overpower. Drinks slightly hotter than the ABV.

Tequila Fan
3 calificaciones
  • 85 Calificación

I don’t want to take points off for personally not being a Sherry fan because it is a well balanced product for what it is. That given, it finished very rich and Sherry forward but drank a bit hotter than I would expect. You can certainly find the Fortaleza profile through the finishing barrel which combined with the body was pleasant. I can see this being a favorite for some although it may be price prohibitive for many.

Tequila Savant
210 calificaciones
  • 89 Calificación

Loses points for price point.