Casa Noble

Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1137

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John Stinson
Tequila Enthusiast
6 ratings

Theo Moudakis
Tequila Freak
25 ratings

Nose is a blast of earthy agave, vanilla, some citrus. Wonderfully big and full on the tongue. Giant wallop of agave, vanilla, citrus, some woody sourness. Finish is a 102 proof spicy fire with some burnt sugariness way in the back. Fantastic.

Jonathan Cross
Tequila Enthusiast
5 ratings

Alan Gillett
Tequila Maniac
30 ratings

Stu Collins
Tequila Connoisseur
61 ratings

Bottle has been sitting in my bar for a long time and I decided to crack this bad boy open on Father’s Day. Amazing aroma and finish and well worth the wait.

Dustin Lofgren
Tequila Guru
79 ratings

Dustin Lofgren
Tequila Guru
79 ratings

Barry Broughton
Tequila Fanatic
16 ratings

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Wall Street Journal
Nov 10, 2016

How Tequila Grew On Me—The Older I Grew

Sharing a bottle of Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Añejo Tequila with friends, author David Lida considers the effects of age—both his and the spirit’s—on the experience.

Oct 17, 2016

New $1,200 Tequila From One Of Mexico's Best Producers

Casa Noble has created only 563 bottles of the new Alta Belleza extra añejo tequila. It marks the launch of Casa Noble’s Colección del Fundador, an ongoing series of rare, limited release, collectible tequilas, and Alta Belleza is the collection’s Volume

Beverage Dynamics
Aug 16, 2016

Why Aged Tequila Has Captured Consumers’ Attention

Commercially available aged tequilas are a fairly modern invention, with the first reposado not launched until 1974, although a number of tequila houses kept aged barrels at home for their own usage. But in every case, aging decisions start with barrel se

The Spirits Business
Feb 23, 2016

Casa Noble Tequila begins multi-million dollar relaunch

US drinks producer Constellation Brands has announced a multi-million dollar campaign to relaunch Casa Noble Tequila.

Dec 14, 2015

Patron vs. Casa Noble: Tequila Bottle Design Enforcement?

Last month, the PATRÓN tequila brand poured a non-traditional trademark enforcement action on the CASA NOBLE tequila brand, alleging likelihood of confusion and dilution of PATRÓN’s federally-registered and distinctive bottle design trademark.
Jul 17, 2015

Highlands vs. “Lowlands” Tequila: Does It Matter?

For years tequila geeks have been having a debate as polarizing as Coke vs. Pepsi: Which location produces better tequila, the “Highlands” or the “Lowlands” of Jalisco, Mexico? We decided to conduct our own blind tasting experiment, pitting 3 Valley tequi

The Daily Meal
Nov 17, 2014

Casa Noble Tequila: The Pure Essence of Mexico

A boutique distillery blooms in Tequila.

Beverage Daily
Sep 23, 2014

Corona can help fire Casa Noble tequila sales

Constellation Brands CFO Bob Ryder insists that the firm can leverage Corona Extra’s popularity among Hispanics in particular to boost sales of new super-premium tequila brand Casa Noble.

The Daily Beast
Sep 09, 2014

Grab A Shot Glass: Craft Tequila Needs Your Help

Making tequila is a time and labor-consuming process, when done right. But big corporations are taking shortcuts and pricing the artisan products out of the bar...and out of business.