Casa Dragones

Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1489

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Angel Tejada
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31 ratings

Carlos Crespo
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65 ratings

Daniel Charest
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F Gerber
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5 ratings

I don’t understand why people like this, especially given the price. The diffuser strips out all of the flavors and leaves a chemical taste. Way better options for a fraction of the cost

Eli Trevino
Tequila Enthusiast
6 ratings

Brittany Nicole
Tequila Enthusiast
5 ratings

Kirk Hardymon
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9 ratings

Franz Swinton
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13 ratings

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Keep up with what's happening with Casa Dragones
Jul 24, 2018

Process Matters in Tequila Production. Here’s the Proof.

For years we’ve been saying “process matters”, and that each choice made during the production process will find its way into the finished product. Now we have proof.

Apr 09, 2018

Casa Dragones Forms Partnership with BDT Capital Partners, LLC

Casa Dragones announced today that it has partnered with BDT Capital Partners which will be making an equity investment in the company to fund its next stage of growth. Following this transaction, BDT Capital Partners and affiliates will own a majority of
Feb 28, 2017

Putting Diffuser-made Tequilas to the Blind Taste Test

Tequila has changed a lot since the early days. Most producers have switched from time consuming, old-school methods to high-efficiency production. But has this trend helped or harmed the overall quality of tequila?

Huffington Post
Apr 30, 2014

Bertha González Nieves: The Beauty and the Brains Behind Casa Dragones Tequila

Casa Dragones was founded in 2009 by MTV's Robert Pittman and Maestra Tequilera Bertha González Nieves, who is the beauty, brains, and brawn behind the revolutionary company.

The Daily Meal
Dec 28, 2013

Casa Dragones Tequila — Mighty Good, Mighty Pricey

A new entry into the premium platinum tequila market goes for subtlety and grace. An elegant tequila with a light agave aroma — but with an outrageous price tag.

Men's Journal
Dec 18, 2013

The 18 Best Tequilas in the World

The struggle these days isn't in finding a superb, distinctive, and refined tequila – one that instantly erases any hangover memories of rotgut shots – but deciding among myriad great options.

Shanken News Daily
Jul 30, 2013

Casa Dragones Targets Tequila's Ultra-Luxury Tier

With the upscale Tequila category firmly established by Patrón and others over the past decade, some Tequila marketers are now looking to take the spirit even further into the luxury stratosphere. Among them is Casa Dragones, which is growing strongly fro

Tequila Aficionado
Jun 20, 2013

Tequila Boss Ladies

Prominent women are behind many of the successful tequila brands available in the marketplace today.
May 03, 2013

What does $275 tequila taste like?

When asked if anyone ever mixed anything with her tequila, Bertha Gonzalez Nieves responded with a straight face, “Not in front of me."