San Matias Tahona

Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)
Nom 1103

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Rolando N
Tequila Savant
148 ratings

Valeria Lopez
Tequila Lover
10 ratings

Valeria Lopez
Tequila Lover
10 ratings

Martin Garcia Hinojosa
Tequila Fanatic
15 ratings

Michael Thomas
Tequila Maniac
37 ratings

Good reposado. Leggy which represents the viscous properties of this fine reposado. It is buttery up front with a mineraly, honey finish. The aftertaste is that of sap and pine.

Eric Feagler
Tequila Ninja
98 ratings

Sebastian Albachten
Tequila Freak
17 ratings

Kevin Niemioja (Tequila Tourist)
Tequila Ninja
147 ratings

Denise Zoe Algire
Tequila Fan
2 ratings

Beautiful upfront agave with a notable pepper and anise finish.

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The Daily Beast
Jan 17, 2019

Is the Secret to Great Tequila Volcanic Stone?

Tequila distillers are increasingly using the historic tahona wheel to crush agave and influence the flavor of their spirits.