Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1437

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Bryce Taylor (Austin Tequila Connoisseurs)
Tequila Ninja
126 ratings

mike braxton
Tequila Freak
20 ratings

Ruby Diaz
Tequila Fanatic
17 ratings

Jimenez Da Menaz
Tequila Ninja
151 ratings

I have no complaints about this reposado! I bought it for 29$ not expecting much but now I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve seen this bottle priced higher elsewhere so the price I bought it for has much to do with the score I gave it. Even if I had to pay 35-40$ it would still be okay. I’m looking forward to trying the Anejo now.

Brian Plopa
Tequila Fan
2 ratings

Robert Leute
Tequila Connoisseur
69 ratings

Brian Williams
Tequila Enthusiast
9 ratings

David Daniel
Tequila Fanatic
17 ratings

William Horvatin
Tequila Aficionado
56 ratings

Aroma is very average but still nice agave. Some butter on the nose but kinda boring. Flavor is alright but finishes poor with a kind of weak chemical taste. Then it disappears very fast.

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May 03, 2020

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Tasting notes on a range of tequilas relatively new to the U.S. market. These are all expressions produced from existing distilleries for third parties.