Don Roberto

Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1437

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Juan Carlos Martin Roaro
Tequila Phenom
319 ratings

Ron Biagiotti
Tequila Fan
2 ratings

Jean-Philippe Gauthier
Tequila Enthusiast
1 ratings

Remy Newland
Tequila Boss
470 ratings

Acrid, astringent nose with no agave presence. Flavor is on par with nose, plus add a little tar, pitch and chemical bitterness. Another tequila that I honestly could not swallow. Yuk.

Frank Davis
Tequila Freak
24 ratings

Craig Macadang
Tequila Wizard
785 ratings

Craig Macadang
Tequila Wizard
785 ratings

Robertus Apodacus
Tequila Fanatic
17 ratings

Jimenez Da Menaz
Tequila Ninja
129 ratings

It took a minute to figure out this aroma and why I liked it. It smells just like sunscreen with a coconut scent. Going into the taste with thoughts of bikini clad girls at the beach can not save this Tequilla. Wow it’s bad. The finish is long and lingers, but who wants something this bad to linger?

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Jul 24, 2018

Process Matters in Tequila Production. Here’s the Proof.

For years we’ve been saying “process matters”, and that each choice made during the production process will find its way into the finished product. Now we have proof.

Crushed Agave
Oct 02, 2013

Diageo in Negotiations with Centinela and Don Roberto?

Back in July we reported on Diageo's intention to gain back its leading position, with regard to profit, in the tequila category. Larry Schwartz, president of Diageo North America, made mention of perhaps purchasing other brands to achieve this goal, and
Oct 26, 2009

New Booze: Don Roberto Tequila

A week or so ago I attended the San Francisco launch event for Don Roberto tequila, hosted by Junior Merino at Cantina. Don Roberto is made by the Orendain family in the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico in the town of Tequila, at the La Purisima distillery.