Confirmed Additive-Free Brand

Siete Leguas

Jalisco (Ciénega)
Nom 1120

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Ryan August
Tequila Ninja
121 ratings

On the nose, cooked agave and some light vanilla. A bit of citrus and minerality. A touch on earthy notes. On the palate, definitely the agave goodness. A little but of toasted nuttiness, some very light vanilla. Not a favorite for me personally. It’s very good but I think the añejo and the blanco are both better, I wouldn’t stock this in my bar personally.

Greg Bartolotta @aged_agave
Tequila Phenom
354 ratings

Special edition Siete Leguas, not actually the same flavor profile as their base blanco.This one has citrus notes, cooked agave and light heat. Not as earthy as Siete’s base blanco. The price is high, but a lot went into making these 70,000 bottle.

Mike B (Great Lakes Tequila Club)
Tequila Phenom
309 ratings

Agave, oak, vanilla, and grapefruit. Nice price point. Excellent Añejo.

Ryan Okerström
Tequila Ninja
122 ratings

Dom Diaz
Tequila Savant
251 ratings

Ryan August
Tequila Ninja
121 ratings

On the nose, delicious agave, minerals and citrus. Definitely a sharp pepper, and some floral notes. I don’t feel that this is as earthy as standard 7L blanco. A little bit of cinnamon. On the palate, it’s an immediate hit of sweet agave and minerals. Some notes of banana that almost reminds me of some of my favorite rums. A little bit of butter, and some kind of spice that I can’t identify. It’s almost like cinnamon but not quite. Overall this is a delicious tequila and one I’d love to have a case of. At $60, I’d buy a case and call this a 10/10 on value because wits delicious. Getting up to $90, I’d say it’s priced close to what I’d expect for a tequila of this caliber. At MSRP of $129.99 (which I was able to get this for) I give this a 3 on value. To be honest, I see people paying $179.99-199.99 and having tasted it, I wouldn’t buy a single bottle. Even at MSRP I won’t be buying a second bottle. This is damn good tequila, and it’s got a unique flair, but when compared to Calle 23 Criollo or my current favorite Wild Common SS, nothing is drawing me into this and making me feel like I paid a good price. I bought wild Common on a good sale at $69.99 and I feel more consistently drawn to that. This doesn’t bring something wildly special to the table in the way that something like say, Cazcanes joven did with the malolactic funk and high proof. Even that was a $100 bottle with extra añejo mixed in. I really like this tequila and im sad that I’ll only have one bottle, but it’s just too expensive to justify in my opinion. If it was bottled at 46% or higher (I know they didn’t because of the historic proof) then maybe I’d be willing to give it more points. If it was a full on still strength, I’d actually say that MSRP is probably right. Very disappointed in the bang for your buck on this one. Wish I could rate it higher.

Mike Eddins
Tequila Phenom
308 ratings

Jacob Skoff
Tequila Badass
467 ratings

Wow!!! NOM 1120 - All natural flavor and aroma. Definitely no additives into this one. - Aroma: sweet cooked agave, marzipan, brine salt, earthy, anise, mineral, ripe banana, mint, lime, flower bouquet, white pepper. - Palate: sweet agave, light Chile pepper, olives, warm pepper, fruity and slight spicy. - Finish: exceptional, sweet agave, lightly peppery, anise, medium to long, and warm to the soul. - Only drawback is the price. At $199 for 700ml locally found in US, is steep and hard to justify buying a case or two.

Josh Ohlinger @QueenCLTequila
Tequila Guru
81 ratings

Sweet heat. Cooked agave, anise/licorice, cinnamon, black pepper, green bell pepper, jalapeño. Cola and cooked agave on the nose. It drinks hotter than 42%. The finish is long and superb. This is an amazing tequila, but jeeze, the price. All the distributors and retailers are reaping the benefits of these "limited" releases. I'm just as guilty, but we're paying increasingly over-inflated amounts for these tequilas. Good luck finding this at the MSRP. Plenty of bottles were made, but the market is driving up the price.

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