Con Alma de Mujer

Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1477

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Scarlet Sanschagrin
Tequila Badass
439 ratings

Smells like moldy cheese, overly sweet and no agave. This does not have a “woman’s soul”!

Grover Sanschagrin
Tequila Wizard
822 ratings

Has a 2013 Mexican tax sticker on this bottle. I’m not enjoying the aroma of this. It’s got some foul smell to it, like moldy cheese. I’m surprised this was bottled because it smells like a fermentation/production defect. Flavor is too sweet for me, and leaves me with a lingering sweetness long after the finish ends. Not a fan.

Massimo Agave Piña
Tequila Ninja
146 ratings

In spite of being only at 35% abv (MX edition) this one has a significant alcohol presence on the nose with some light vanilla and cooked agave. Some burn on the entry and then an empty feeling probably due to the low abv. This emptiness is quickly replaced by what I would suspect to be augmentation, quite some added sweetener, glycerin and probably a little flavoring. It has a medium finish which ends with an artificial tongue coating feeling. In spite the fact I've definitely tasted worse, this is a mediocre product that tries to get away with it using tricks. I just wish I had an hydrometer to be able to prove my findings of this as well as other disingenuous products.

Michael Fuhr
Tequila Freak
11 ratings

Horacio Davila
Tequila Fan
2 ratings

Jim Deen
Tequila Aficionado
52 ratings

Adolfo Sosa
Tequila Ninja
175 ratings

Darrin Kolibar
Tequila Enthusiast
7 ratings

Darrin Kolibar
Tequila Enthusiast
7 ratings