Bottle of 888 Añejo

888 Añejo

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Production Details
NOM : 1472 ,
Agave : - ,
Region : Jalisco (Los Valles) ,
Cooking : Autoclave ,
Extraction : Roller Mill ,
Fermentation : 100% agave, Stainless steel tanks ,
Distillation : 2x distilled ,
Still : Stainless w/Copper Coil ,
Aging : - ,
ABV/Proof : 40% abv (80-proof)


Personal Scores & Reviews From Our Community

Tequila Wizard
592 ratings
5 stars
  • 89 Rating

This is a very easy to drink añejo with no real defects but it doesn't jump up and say wow. Nose is very mild with little alcohol apparent in a glencairn glass. Double barreled in American and French oak this has a spicy richness that integrates the 2 oak elements well except near the end. Some agave is present once this is sipped and the alcohol finally appears with a big peppery burst and tingle. This is never sweet and tastes very natural but it ends on a bit of bitterness from the wood. For me the nose and finish hold this back from being a 90 point product

Tequila Ninja
170 ratings
5 stars
  • 82 Rating

tasty stuff. guessing finished in sherry barrels or some blending of different barrels (bourbon and sherry)....