Bottle of 3 Amigos Blanco

3 Amigos Blanco

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Production Details
NOM : 1499 ,
Agave : Jalisco (Los Altos) ,
Region : Jalisco (Los Altos Southern) ,
Cooking : Autoclave ,
Extraction : Roller Mill ,
Fermentation : 100% agave, Stainless steel tanks ,
Distillation : 2x distilled ,
Still : Stainless Steel ,
Aging : - ,
ABV/Proof : 40% abv (80-proof)


Personal Scores & Reviews From Our Community

Tequila Ninja
139 ratings
5 stars
  • 53 Rating

Smells prominently like dusty cardboard with a little essence of raw agave. Noticeable alcohol when inhaling the first sip but not present in the mouth. Very faint flavors; spearmint maybe (?). Not at all complex. Light medium bodied. Pleasant burn on the finish. Overall, an unremarkable, below average blanco. Price is on the low end so acceptable for mixing.

Tequila Ninja
176 ratings
5 stars
  • 56 Rating

A little agave on the nose, with not much else going on. If I try hard I can find some black pepper and vague fruitiness. Bitterness dominates the entry and mid palate, with some peppery burn at the back of the throat. More bitterness on the finish, but green like chlorophyll, not really pleasant. The price is low but there's not enough else to recommend it.

Tequila Fanatic
15 ratings
5 stars
  • 78 Rating

Sweet and smooth, crisp with clean finish. Great value.