Premium Tequila Brand Partners

What are "Premium Tequila Brand Partners", and how can a brand be included in that list?

These are tequila brands who support the Tequila Matchmaker app. This is an invitation-only group of high quality tequila brands that have earned our respect. This support can come in a variety of ways, including:

     - Fully supporting the objectives and independence that are the foundation of the app
     - Providing education and research essential to the construction of the app
     - Helping to spread the word about the app though marketing, email, and word-of-mouth
     - Sharing useful data about worthwhile tequila establishments around the world
     - Contributing to the success of the app through participation on our Board of Advisors
     - Contribution of financial support that helps to cover operating expenses
     - or any combination of the items above.

If a brand is listed here, you can feel 100% secure that their tequila is of the highest quality possible.

Premium Tequila Brand Partners are treated the same as any other brand when it comes to ratings. We do not delete low-scoring reviews for any brand.

Getting added to this list is not easy. There are more than 1,400 different tequila brands in our database and this is our way of giving some well-deserved exposure to brands that we really respect and enjoy. Some of the things that we look for when adding a brand to this list include:

       1) Allows tours of their distillery, and have invited at least one member of our management team to visit
       2) Must supply complete and accurate brand and product information to the app (including production details, photos, and brand history)
       3) Must be approved for addition by a majority of the Tequila Matchmaker management team
       4) Must supply a direct contact person for the brand
       5) Must be an active member of Tequila Matchmaker, having a profile on the app

Do you think we should add a particular tequila brand to this list? Please feel free to contact us with a suggestion.