Jalisco (Los Valles)
Nom 1109

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Remy Newland
Tequila Savant
194 ratings

Nose: Fruit and agave start with pepper, and something herbal or earthy. Flavor: Vanilla, fruit, nuts and minerals. Finishes with pepper, banana and hints of grapefruit rind.

Leon Schmidt
Tequila Fan
1 ratings

Sucio Cerdo
Tequila Lover
12 ratings

Gregg Millward
Tequila Aficionado
50 ratings

Licorice and wet grass the nose. A punch of agave, subtly for a high proof though. Nice heat on the throat, smooth and long finish. An excellent high proof blanco, punches way above its price tag.

Patrick Ensslin
Tequila Lover
10 ratings

Marty Neary
Tequila Ninja
114 ratings

Marty Neary
Tequila Ninja
114 ratings

Petter Melleroth
Tequila Lover
12 ratings

George Vogelei
Tequila Enthusiast
5 ratings

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Tequila Arette
May 08, 2015

The Beautiful Art of Making... Tequila

This video produced by Mexican Tequila company, Tequilla Arette, takes you behind the scenes as they skillfully produce the alcohol. The cinematography and alluring voiceover expose a side of tequila you've most likely never seen or imagined.

US 103.1
Feb 12, 2015

5 Essential Tequilas for a Well-Stocked Bar

Some people, when talking about essential bottles for a well-stocked bar, leave out tequila (unlike, say, bourbon or scotch). Some people think that the only thing tequila is good for is making margaritas. Some people are wrong.

Drinks International
Jan 06, 2015

Brands Report 2015: Tequila

This year the list is peppered with 100% agave brands that talk of terroir, single estates and tahona wheels. Now recognised selling points, these would have been confusion points in years gone by.