Calle 23

Jalisco (Ciénega)
Nom 1433
Previous Distilleries: 1529, 1545

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Remy Newland
Tequila Savant
267 ratings

Nose: Initial wave of aromas is almost overwhelming. There are many layers here. First sally brings rosemary, hierbas finas, mineral notes and the aroma of wet river rocks. There’s lots of sweet agave and floral suggestions. Hints of cinnamon. Flavors: Rich luxurious mouth feel, juxtaposing with vibrant notes of pepper, cinnamon and cloves. Super creamy agave sweetness. Lite nutty hint. Finish: It blooms and lingers, and blooms and lingers.... I want more in my glass! Thanks G&S!

William Algire
Tequila Lover
11 ratings

My first time tasting this was at a bar in Copenhagen Denmark, the Barking Dog. I was tasting some Siembra Valles earlier with Carl Wrangel at his “Shop” Shoppen. We then went to the bar where I was drinking a tequila grapefruit cocktail. Carl then comes by the table and leaves my wife and I a generous pour of a blanco tequila. I approached it not knowing what it is. We sat there and smelled it for a while before even tasting. We got lots of cooked agave with a very herbal and floral aromas. A lot was going on. I also smelled notes of petrichor which made me think of only a couple of old school blancos I love. Then tasting it blind I was blown away. Definitely tons of cooked agave that didn’t go away. Other vegetal notes of mint. The finish on this tequila was very looong. I had to know what I was tasting so I asked Carl. He knew I couldn’t visit Copenhagen without him sharing this most wonderful tequila. I look forward to next week sharing this with my good friend here at home who appreciates the finer things. Other than him I will be hoarding this for myself. 7/14/18

Lou Agave (Long Island Lou Tequila)
Tequila Maniac
29 ratings

This stuff is absolutely amazing. I get aromas of citrus, a nice light smoke, light mint, fresh sweet agaves, and a naturally sugary and sweet aroma, with the slightest hint of cinnamon and some floral. The taste on this high-proof showed medium to thick oils, a little bit of heat, some anise, minerals, earthy, delicious sweet cooked agave, citrus, green fresh raw and bright, slightly fruity but smooth considering the abv, with a little touch of olive brine. There's a touch of pepper and spice that comes on at the very finish, which is a long amazing ride. I never rate this high. This is special, regardless what the price is, and needs to be tried by everyone who loves quality blanco tequila.....a must!!

Grover Sanschagrin
Tequila Wizard
664 ratings

Oh my. This is a special treat. Difficult figuring out where to start, so I'll begin at the end and work forward. Let's start with the finish. Killer, long lasting, super pleasant, naturally sweet, and evolving on your palate. For me, I really love a finish that does 2 things: 1) prolongs all of the things you love about the aroma and flavor, and 2) adds something new that the aroma and flavor didn't -- a surprise, if you will. This does exactly that. The finish brings a nice creamy, buttery, clean lingering end to each sip. Try this and you will feel waves of character evolving long after you've swallowed. Flavor: Cooked agave (omg, tons!) black pepper, some vegetal, and mineral notes as well on the palate. A solid example of what tequila can be, should a creator put their heart into it. The beauty here is in the subtleties and the delicate approach it takes. Agave is honored and respected, and allowed to give us its natural gifts. Aroma: This is high proof, so the longer you allow it to open up, the more you get to experience. Don't rush this one because you'll miss a lot. I picked up on cooked agave, earth, and pepper immediately. After some time I detected some cinnamon and mint. Then brine/salt. Then butter. The evolving complexity of the aroma here is impressive. Let it open up and keep checking back to see what other gifts it wants to give you. Bravo, Sophie, for your part in the creation of this masterpiece.

Scarlet Sanschagrin
Tequila Phenom
317 ratings

Delicious, creamy and filled with fresh notes of mint, flowers, cream soda snd cinnamon. What a nice surprise in a different variety of blue agave. High proof (49.3%), but you’ll barely notice because it is well balanced.

John Welch
Tequila Wizard
654 ratings

Made from agave of a certain size, the Criollo Blue Agave stays small at maturity. Roast agave and floral notes along with some alcohol evident in the aroma. In the mouth this almost 50% ABV Blanco just blooms...rosemary, pepper, roast agave and on and on with a finish that lasts a looong time, long time. The open bottle was obtained in the US and is slightly different from the autographed MX release. Excited to see this in wider distribution. Somewhat pricy but bold enough to justify it I think. This really is about Sophie's brilliance as a fermenter and distiller. 10072018

Paul McManus
Tequila Enthusiast
5 ratings

Scott Norris
Tequila Maniac
32 ratings

George Vogelei
Tequila Enthusiast
5 ratings

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Cask has a nice, well-edited selection and I came home with a brand I’d never seen before called Calle 23. The sales lady said that the tequila was created by a French scientist and the reposado was the most carefully crafted. Needless to say, I was intri